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Address:Jinhua city, zhejiang province, huanglong industrial zone jade-like stone pot of wuyi mountain street XiangLu number 13

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Set up time: in 2011, a total investment of more than 8600 ten thousand yuan, covers an area of 24600 square location: China, zhejiang, jinhua, wuyi huanglong industrial park XiangLu 13 production technology: with hardening of the alkali, resin sand processMain business: high wear-resisting material light steel, carbon hook, etcProduction capacity: the company's total more than 300 employees, annual production capacity of more than 15000 tons, single product manufacturing capacity of 10 tons technology specialty: professional research and development of high Gao Shigang taken comprehensive performance is the core of the company to improve product quality.Can according to customer's different materials, industrial and mining conditions to tailor, improve production efficiency, save social resources. We turn with blessing and branch building materials (China) co., LTD actively formed close strategic partnership with all kinds of business intermediate more than 30 professional and technical personnel, and equipped with casting simulation software

ASTMA128 production standards: Japan JIS, the United States, China GB/T5680-2010, etc., and formed NiuChen its own unique quality standard sales: currently sold in the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, and has the self-management import and export right

Occupational health, environmental protection, energy saving: the company from the very beginning of planning, design process, such as purchasing equipment always focus on environmental protection, energy saving of the workers' occupational health as the first premise, advocate green casting.

Management system certification: 1 s09001-2008 quality management system certification

1 s014001:2004 environmental management system certification.

OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification.